LiFi Task Force for Interoperability Testing and Acceleration of Market Adoption

LiFi is capitalizing on the well-established ecosystem, using G.vlc as the ITU-T standard that extended wireline technology to LiFi. Innovating the usage of the light spectrum beyond the frequency spectrum was only the 1st major step. The time is now ripe to connect the dots and take the connectivity to the next level. HomeGrid Forum’s LiFi Task Force was created to help transform wireless communications and accelerate the market adoption through interoperability testing.

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LiFi in Italy: museums, hospitals and more

Italy is often overlooked in Li-Fi market reports, yet Li-Fi is an hyped topic in Italy at the moment and maybe we can learn something from the Italian experience. During this presentation the attendee might learn something about what’s possible today with Li-Fi, when there is people ready to push the boundaries of innovation. We need to inspire each other to do more and better and we need to help each other for the LiFi Revolution to happen.

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Together we build the LiFi ecosystem

Standards-based, multi-vendor ecosystem. Every day, we do amazing things with light. Where there’s light… there can be wireless communication through LiFi. Within Signify, I am responsible for building a worldwide, cross-industry ecosystem around this latest innovation in lighting. Fast, reliable and safe data communication not using RF but light. How cool is that !?!

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A vision about future developments in wireless light communication

Unesco in 2015, the International Year of Light, has defined the current century as the century of “Light and Photonics” Thinking in this way, it means that we can dream a century of researches and evolutions in this field. What are the current limits of Li-Fi and what are the research subjects that have to be solved in the next years to continue this progress?
Are the current existing technologies ready to support the next market and technical challenges?

As in the evolution and history of the Radio waves, how can we Imagine a possible future scenario of Li-Fi evolution?

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LiFi for Defence


LiFi is known for its inherently secure credentials. Why is this, and why has the defence sector been so enthusiastic about the adoption of LiFi technology? Nikola Serafimovski will discuss what makes LiFi so uniquely private and secure and how Defence is leading the way with the adoption of LiFi.

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Beyond LaserLight there is DataLight: LiFi for Mobility

KSLD Laser has been supplying high performance lighting solutions for automotive since 2019. More recently we have developed and marketed the Dual Emission SMD. It contains two solid state lasers, in most cases a GaN blue laser and an IR laser chip, plus a YAG phosphor. The two chips can be activated individually to produce white light and IR Light.
The brightness of the white source in the SMD is 3-5 times higher than that of any LED, which makes it ideal for long distance projection purposes. At the same time, it can generate LiFi data rates, which are 10-50 higher than those of LEDs. Such data rates equally apply for the IR source.

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Fraunhofer HHI is technology partner of the LiFi Conference

Innovations for the digital society of the future are the focus of research and development work at the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich Hertz Institute, HHI. In this area, Fraunhofer HHI is a world leader in the development for mobile and optical communication networks and systems as well as processing and coding of video signals.

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LiFi for Industry 4.0

volker jungnickel

LiFi is mobile communications by using the light. LiFi can be used next to Wi-Fi and 5G, so that radio provides ubiquitous coverage and light adds unlimited capacity. This talk will focus on LiFi for Industry 4.0. LiFi is deployed at the ceiling as a dense grid of wireless access points with a few meters of distance. For Industry 4.0, LiFi is operated as a large, distributed multiple-input multiple-output system.

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