Adaptation: How Tech needs Design to conquer the user’s heart and mind

by Koen van Niekerk, UX Director, VanBerlo

Technology needs fertile ground to bloom. Even the best tech ideas fail if the circumstances and timing are off. This presentation will highlight key success factors for technology adaptation and strategies to get there


What drives you?
Creating great Products and Experiences

Why should the delegate attend your presentation?
The presentation will shed some light on the bigger issue of technology adaptation and the human factor, rather than the details of specific technologies such as LiFi.

What emerging technologies/trends do you see as having the greatest potential in the short and long run?

  • Machine Vision and applied AI
  • Edge Computing and Privacy by Design

What kind of impact do you expect them to have?

  • Machine Sensing and applied AI: Will enrich our lives and economies and will create a privacy monster
  • Edge Computing and Privacy by Design: Will help us combat the privacy monster we created

What are the barriers that might stand in the way?

  • Adaptation: Aligning the technology to real human needs and genuinely addressing concerns such as Privacy
  • Legislation: Government reducing friction where it counts and building barriers where needed, to help and protect citizens

“Special Quote”
Design is like surgery: it’s less about the idea and more about the execution!

About Koen van Niekerk

As UX team lead Koen built up the UX and Digital competencies within VanBerlo, resulting in a team of UX Designers, Visual Designers and Software Engineers that tackled projects like car dashboards, a bike-sharing platform and a mobile app that analyses your sleep

Now, as UX Director, with UX fully embedded in Multidisciplinary teams at VanBerlo, Koen has refocused on talent and business development, coaching and looking ahead.

Trained as an Industrial Designer at TU Delft it means combining the physical and digital aspects of UX has become second nature

In his spare time Koen likes to ride his Mountainbike and go out to enjoy a good coffee…

About VanBerlo

VanBerlo is one of the larger independent multidisciplinary design Agencies in Europe, employing over 90 professionals working on challenging projects for both start-ups, SME and corporates

VanBerlo has roots in product design and development but has since developed expertise in Strategy, Insights, UX, Software Development and Connectivity. It means that we have become a trusted partner for clients that seek to build clever solutions or even complete ecosystems to serve both their business and their end-users in a better way.

Koen van Niekerk will speak at the 2019 edition of this conference.

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