IoT and Li-Fi: Interoperability and business impact

by Farid Bichareh, CTO AASA Inc – 01LightComm, IIC Smart Factory Co-Chair

In today’s World, the most important element of success for any business, industry or even person’s life is to be connected and have realtime access to the constant stream of data being generated by the environment, devices and processes that we interact with. This means that our World becomes data-driven to enrich our decisions and planning, and give us more control over our lives.

The implementation of data-driven World through IoT/IIoT solutions has some connectivity challenges when it comes to reliable bidirectional communication, security, safety, energy consumption, bandwidth, operability, adoption, and standardization. To overcome some of these challenges, RF has started to transit from cm-wave to mm-wave known as 5th generation of RF wireless communication, or 5G. Despite of this development, due to characteristics of radio frequency, there are still several shortcomings that need to be addressed to make the connected World concept comes true.

Light Communication (LC) technology or Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) has been developed as a response to these connectivity issues. The issues to be resolved by this technology, the new challenges to be faced, and how business will be impacted are the questions to be answered by this talk.


What drives you?
Learning all the challenges/obstacles that our industries/world have and drive the innovation and technology to create future solutions.

Why should the delegate attend your presentation?
Living in a Data-Driven world and understanding of the Data explosion that we are facing in near future, makes us to think how we truly can make IoT/IIoT possible with all the existing connectivity & interoperability challenges. This being said, Li-Fi, by revolutionizing our wireless communication, provides a reliable path to resolve the IoT/IIoT connectivity issues. The impact of this innovative Optical technology on the businesses, industries and our personal life will be very important since it changes the way we communicate wirelessly in future.

What emerging technologies/trends do you see as having the greatest potential in the short and long run?
In any cases that a wireless communication is required, OWC can be concidered. Obviously the first and greatest potential goes to Lighting and Wireless Communication industries. But in the long run other industries such as Military, Aviation, Auto, Oil and Gas, Health, Insurance, etc will be impacted and operate differently as they adopt with the new innovative Li-Fi.

What kind of impact do you expect them to have?
The impact depends on the the type of industry and business model. Obviously Lighting and Wireless Communication industries’ business model will changes the most. As far as other industries, the changes will be based on their application and model of the adoption that they will chose to employe optical wireless communication.

What are the barriers that might stand in the way?
Hardware design and solution maturity such as being integrated in all devices around us as a standard wireless communication protocol will remain as one of the main barriers in front of this technology and its growing adoption, specially for consumer products.

“Special quote”
The Future of the Connected World is brighter with Li-Fi.
Light is everywhere and part of our life; when it connects us, it becomes extraordinary.

About Farid Bichareh

Farid is an entrepreneur with over 19 years experience defining diverse solutions & applications such as smart manufacturing, IoT and Industrial IoT systems, intelligent production, and innovative Optical Wireless Communication (VLC/Li-Fi/Laser). He has co-founded 5 businesses and organizations, and served as a board member and top executive. He is also the Smart Factory Co-Chair of Industrial Internet Consortium. As part of his thesis, he designed and produced an optical rotary encoder with combination of absolute and incremental coding methodology for accurate positioning (micro meter) in robots’ arms, airplanes, CNC, etc.

About AASA Inc – 01LightComm

Innovative IT, communications, engineering, and R&D solutions provider
Over 18 years serving Federal (DoD and Civilian agencies) and commercial clients
We employ highly skilled individuals including cutting edge Product and Solution Designer, Ph.D Researchers and Engineers, Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP), Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts (CCIE), Microsoft Certified Solutions Experts (MCSE), AWS Solutions Architects
AASA has established US-based small businesses and JV’s in cutting edge technologies including VLC/Li-Fi and human survivability.
AASA funded ‘01LightComm’ focusing on VLC, Li-Fi research and solution development
We collaborate with top Li-Fi technology companies and developers around the world, and have the ability and flexibility to tailor our Li-Fi solutions to our client’s needs.
With our successful track record we are uniquely qualified as a leading provider of the new revolutionary Li-Fi technology solutions.

Farid Bichareh will speak at the 2019 editition of this conference.

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