Optical wireless as a new comfort for telecom? A regulators perspective

“The Netherlands is favoring photonics” says René Vroom, Manager Innovation at Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands. “Optical wireless communication is a promising development. The RF spectrum is crowded with users. LiFi might become a new comfort in telecom to ease the pressure on spectrum being a new complimentary mechanism for high capacity internet access.

With the continuation of the right level of attention to regulations by manufacturers and users, the expectation is now up to standardization, and of course on the market to take up”.


What drives you?

To bring together people, innovative ideas and new technologies helping making the world a little bit better, smarter and a little bit more peacefull

Why should the delegate attend your presentation?

While securing public interests as eg safety, non disturbance and (cyber) security, as I will address in my presentation, we can all together work on the right global standardization, as standardisation and interoperability is a key success factor for LiFi.

“Special Quote”

“Todays RF spectrum is crowded with users. ” “Lifi might become a new comfort in telecom to ease the pressure on spectrum, and become a new complimentary mechanism in high capacity internet access”. “Global standardisation and economy of scale shall help LiFi to integrate in existing broadband ecosystem.”

René Vroom has his degree in business administration. After 15 years in international industry, René started in 2009 as Head of Innovation at Agentschap Telecom. Focus areas of his innovation-team include 5G, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. Agentschap Telecom Research Agenda explores new fields of interest: dynamic spectrum management & sharing, energy transition, and future internet infrastructures . Since 2012 René is also Head of Antennebureau, the government’s public information office on antennas.

René Vroom will speak at the 2021 edition of the Online Li-Fi Conference.

Agentschap Telecom is the Dutch Radio Communications Agency, part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. Agentschap Telecom initiated a study on Optical Wireless communication in 2017.

Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands is responsible for obtaining and allocating frequency space and monitoring its use. The work of the agency covers the entire field of wireless and wired communication.

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