LiFi in Italy: museums, hospitals and more

Italy is often overlooked in Li-Fi market reports, yet Li-Fi is an hyped topic in Italy at the moment and maybe we can learn something from the Italian experience. During this presentation the attendee might learn something about what’s possible today with Li-Fi, when there is people ready to push the boundaries of innovation. We need to inspire each other to do more and better and we need to help each other for the LiFi Revolution to happen.

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Beyond LaserLight there is DataLight: LiFi for Mobility

KSLD Laser has been supplying high performance lighting solutions for automotive since 2019. More recently we have developed and marketed the Dual Emission SMD. It contains two solid state lasers, in most cases a GaN blue laser and an IR laser chip, plus a YAG phosphor. The two chips can be activated individually to produce white light and IR Light.
The brightness of the white source in the SMD is 3-5 times higher than that of any LED, which makes it ideal for long distance projection purposes. At the same time, it can generate LiFi data rates, which are 10-50 higher than those of LEDs. Such data rates equally apply for the IR source.

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