Techno-economic analysis and planning issues for LiFi solutions

The expected deployment of Lifi solutions in IoT scenarios promises robustness through exclusive channel access in the unlicensed optical spectrum, lower latency, as well as enhanced security. However, the success of this expected deployment is subject to their cost analysis. This talk will introduce a techno-economic framework, which from the scenario and planning problem outputs, evaluates the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the yearly cost per delivered capacity among other metrics. This framework allows comparing different solutions and identifying cost drivers. Particular results of an industrial scenario will be presented.

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Light Communication as a part of 5G and Beyond

deepak solanki

With internet users growing by the minute, comes the great challenge of ensuring faster speeds and higher bandwidths. 5G, the next wireless revolution, comes as a solution that can cater to the endlessly growing base of users. But 5G infrastructure requires denser deployments of small cells within cities having high backhaul capacity. The fibre optic cables can meet this demand but rolling out an extensive fibre network poses deployment complications. Laying down fibre is time consuming and costly process and makes expansion near impossible specifically in developing nations.

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LuxSenz: Exploiting Sunlight for Wireless Communication

Marco Zuniga

by Marco Zuniga, TU Delft (Network and Embedded Systems Group)

In this information age, communication is central to our societies but it is taking a toll on the earth. As reported by Time Magazine, by 2013, we were already using 50% more energy moving bytes than moving airplanes around the world. Our societies face a major challenge: How can we satisfy our ever-growing demand for communication but in a sustainable manner?

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